4 Tips to Maximize on Mobile Mulchers


4 Tips to Maximize on Mobile Mulchers

4 Tips to Maximize on Mobile Mulchers

Mobile mulching equipment is one most advanced machine for land and vegetation clearing. As an improvement of the conventional mulchers, the machine is becoming increasingly popular due to its amazing features. One benefit that stands out is their ability to work extra fast compared to its counterpart. But this will definitely come at an extra cost.  But how can you ensure that you are maximizing the return on mobile mulchers? Here are some of the factors that will maximize the equipment:

  • Consider cutting edges

The type of cutting tool used for clearing the land and vegetation is one of the key features. But this will be determined by the abrasiveness of soil and vegetation, and the amount of foreign debris (rocks, bottle or metal objects) that is present. So you need to have the right mulcher teeth to handle such conditions with a lot of ease. Carbide teeth are recommended, but you need the right type of carbide teeth that will work for you. Good teeth such as King Kong tools will ensure the mulcher at peak performance.

  • Attachments vs. Dedicated Mulchers

These two versions of mulchers have both pro and cons. The user’s choice mostly determines the option between the two. For the dedicated head, it means that it is built and designed for a specific tractor. For the attachment mulchers, they is little flexible in that they can be used for other jobs when the mulcher is not needed. So if you are looking for flexibility; then, attachment version is the best option. But it’s also important to note that dedicated mulchers also have numerous advantages such as longer useful life.

  • Proper Attachments and Unit Matching

If you want to get the best out of your mobile mulcher; then, the attachment and carrier must be properly matched. It would be difficult for the machine to work if a heavy-duty attachment is attached to a low-horsepower carrier. The machine would be working beyond its capability, and the carrier will start to have issues. A larger attachment will also reduce the lifespan of the machine greatly. On the other hand, if the attachment is too small compared to tractor power, the machine will never be utilized to the maximum.

  • Understand the Basic

If you are a first time buyer, then you need to understand the trade-offs. Numerous things are said about mobile mulchers some of which are not true. Some will say that a certain rotor is the best or these mulcher teeth are the best and only option. These claims are not true, and that’s why you need to have a better understanding of the machine before opting for one. Ask for help from the industry experts to get the best out of the equipment.

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