5 Key Features to look For In A Mulcher


5 Key Features to look For In A Mulcher

5 Key Features to look For In A Mulcher

So you are planning to buy a new mulcher? Well, how well do you know about mulchers? What will you be looking for? These are the kind of questions that you need to ask yourself before opting for one. You need to know about the key features that make a good mulcher. If you have no idea, it is recommended that you ask for help from professionals and experts in the industry. But in this article, we are going to sample 5 key features that you should look out for in a mulcher.

  1. Fast & Powerful Motor

The power of the motor should always top in your in listing. It’s important to note that the motor drives mulcher teeth and blades and that is why a powerful motor is what you need. You need a motor that not only produces a powerful torque but one with as many revolutions as possible per minute. For instance, a motor with 13 amps would deliver 8,500 rpms which is good for any kind of clearing. Ask professionals what would be the right motor size for you.

  1. Compact Storage

This is another feature that most buyers fail to address. Storage is always a problem in most cases. It is not advisable to keep the equipment exposed too much to the environment especially while not in use. Go for the version that maximizes storage space. Some brands such as Seppi mulchers and Fae mulchers with fold up options for easy storing.

  1. Sturdy Tire

Do not overlook this feature while buying your mulcher. The quality of tires direct reflects on the equipment’s performance in the field. Tires should enable the machine to move smoothly and provide the necessary traction while the mulcher is working. Therefore, go sturdy and also durable tires.

  1. Centrifugal Clutches

This is another feature that will improve matching equipment lifespan. This type of clutch works by preventing the internal combustion from stalling in case the output shaft is stopped suddenly. This is what decreases the force of the engine brakes. It’s worth noting that centrifugal clutches are less expensive.

  1. Adjustable Settings

Adjustable settings determine the flexibility of the mulching equipment. Most mulchers are set for different types and sizes of organic materials such as grass clipping, shrubbery pieces, leaves, tree limbs and acorns amongst others.  Go for a mulcher that provides as many adjustable settings as possible.  This will give the equipment the much-needed flexibility.

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