How to Match Mulching Attachments to Your Skid Steer


How to Match Mulching Attachments to Your Skid Steer


How to Match Mulching Attachments to Your Skid Steer

If you want to get the best out of your mulching equipment, then marching the right Mulching Attachments to the skid steer is one thing that you should work on. This is a critical factor that greatly determines not only the performance of the mulcher but also the efficiency of the machine. The matching will also determine the lifespan of the machine. But this is never easy, especially for the newbies. Here are tips that will help match properly match attachment to your skid steer:

  • Go with High Flow

It’s always advisable to go for high-flow carriers, for the obvious reasons. One key advantage of having high-flow skid steer loader is that it can be used with vast versions of attachments. By high flow, you also need to take note of the horsepower of the machine. For the modern tractors, it is recommended that you go for a high flow engine with the option of 70 to 100 hp. But you need to consider the brand. Whether you are buying a Bradco mulcher, Seppi mulcher, Fecon mulcher or Quadco mulcher, note that one brand may have more or less flow than another.

  • Standard-flow Loaders Options

Standard flow skid steers are the most common mulchers in the market today. They are very flexible in use and mostly designed to utilize maximum standard-flow hydraulic horsepower. Some of the features that also contribute to their popularity include the pressure gauge, skid shoes, safety pusher bar and carbide-tipped teeth amongst others. For instance, safety pusher bar helps to force small trees or brushes making it easy for the mulcher teeth to pick on the lower portion of the bush. This will make a great mulcher.

  • Get the Best Combination

This is another feature that you need to consider while matching attachment and the carrier. Numerous factors help users to find the best combination. One of the most critical things to consider is the weight of the attachment compared to what the carrier the can manage. Do not overload the carrier. You must also consider balance although some brands are offering counterweight or winch options to improve the balance when needed.

  • Match Teeth to the Task

Your equipment will only deliver to peak performance if the head is in good condition. You need to have the right teeth for the job. The length matters. In most cases, mulcher teeth range from 50-70 inch, but the standard size is 60 inch. The quality of teeth and mostly material they are made from, are key features that you need to consider seriously.

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