Tips on Buying a Used Mulcher

Fae Mulcher Teeth

Tips on Buying a Used Mulcher

Buying a used or second hand forestry mulcher could be the best economical decision. Although buying new equipment is exciting, there is no much difference between a brand new and slightly used one. But you have to be very careful while choosing a used mulcher if you want to get value for money. There are numerous options, and you might find yourself buying an obsolete piece of equipment if you fail to watch out. Here are 4 tips that will help you get value for money:

Age of the mulcher

This is an important feature to look out for in any second-hand item. With mulcher technology advancing so quickly, the age of the equipment matters a lot. It shows how long the equipment must be in use. You may also read the mileage. Avoid buying any equipment that’s more than three years old. Anything above this age can only be described as an obsolete piece of equipment. You might find it very difficult to find replacement tools and parts such as teeth. Go for a mulcher that’s at least two years old since it will give you value for money.

Maintenance Record

You may find a fairly new forestry mulcher but poorly maintained. That’s why you need to check the maintenance record before buying. This will tell you the condition that the machine is in. If it is a King Kong machine, how many King Kong tools have been changed?  If it’s FECON machine, have they changed tools such as teeth with FECON mulcher teeth or with other unknown brands. Check if the owner has been observing the maintenance routine as set by the manufacturer. If they have been skipping the maintenance, avoid buying such machine. If they have been adhering to the maintenance routine, then that would be a good machine to consider buying.


What kind of tasks are you buying the mulcher for? This should inform you the capacity of the machine to buy. If you need a mulcher for clearing thick foliage and tree limbs, then go a machine with a high capacity or what is referred to as the commercial mulchers. If you need mulcher for light tasks such as clearing gardens; then, there are numerous options to choose from.

Condition of the Teeth

While checking the condition of the engine and motor, also note that the teeth do the actual work. If you make a mistake of buying a head attachment with worn out mulcher teeth, the replacement might turn out to be very expensive. Also, check the type of teeth used. If it is an FAE brand, it should have FAE mulcher teeth, and the same goes for the QUADCO teeth and the rest.

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