Essential Precision Husky tub grinder’s features to look out for

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Essential Precision Husky tub grinder’s features to look out for

Essential Precision Husky tub grinder’s features to look out for

While working on solid waste management, you need to have the right machine for the job. Among the many companies in the market, Precision Husky has some of the best waste management machines in the market. Depending on the wood material that you want to shred, the company provides two choices of wood shredding equipment-tub grinder or horizontal grinders. If you are chipping yard waste other small wastes such as brushes, then tub grinders would be a perfect choice. But apart from the type of wood material, what else should you look for in a Precision Husky tub grinder? Here are key features to look for:

The Hammer

The hammer is the main cutting tool for the tub grinder. So it is the central part that will significantly control the production of the machine. Precision Husky tub grinder comes in two different types of hammers- fixed or the swing hammer. Both hammers work excellent under different circumstances but have different levels of production. For instance, swing hammers last for longer and produce a great finish product. However, they cannot chip anything that is above 18” effectively. Therefore, if you are shredding wood materials exceeding 18”, swing hammer is preferred for the job. In both cases, Precision Husky chipper will produce impressive results.

Reversible Fans

When it comes to cleaning the Precision Husky tub grinder, self-cleaning works the best. That’s why you need to check the availability of the reversible fans. These unique types of fans installed in tub grinders for the purposes of reversing the flow of dirt sucked up into the radiator. This is an essential feature to look out for since most of the grinders operate in very dusty conditions. It is a more crucial feature for the diesel-powered wood chipper. If the radiator is blocked, then you’ll have a problem of poor out and the over-heating of the machine.

Ease of use

How user-friendly is the machine? Well, ease of use is one feature that Precision Husky tub grinder comes with. First, the company has digitized most of the operations in that you can control the machine remotely. Second, the machine uses pneumatic system making it very easy for the operator to work even it most demanding conditions. Therefore, Precision Husky tub grinders are great when it comes to ease of use. So the operator can spend the whole day working and still feel fresh in the evening.

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