Facts No one Told You about Bobcat Forestry Cutter

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Facts No one Told You about Bobcat Forestry Cutter

Facts No one Told You about Bobcat Forestry Cutter

You may have come across many forestry cutters, but I can bet that very few could compete with Bobcat model.  Well, for the last few years, Bobcat has been churning out incredibly powerful mulching attachments. But their latest model of forestry cutter attachment is just something will blow your mind away. The efficiency, ease of use and performance that comes with it is just incredible. But how much do you know about this bobcat forestry? Well, here are a few essential things about Bobcat forestry cutter you should know:

How it works

One thing that makes bobcat forestry unique is how it works. First, it has a unique mulcher from most of the available models. In fact, this is one of the features that give an incredibly good performance. Both the drum and teeth alignment are unique. This bobcat mulcher head is designed with a tube-style and spiral tooth pattern. That means each tooth engages at a time. So the teeth on the rotating drum easily rip through the tree and bring down the brush. That is how it works.


Bobcat forestry cutter is indisputably one of the most versatile forestry mulchers around. When last did you hear of a forestry mulcher that can work on both small brushed and large diameter trees? Well, this is what this beast from bobcat is providing. The mulcher can punch into any large diameter tree and bring it down within a very short.  With its spiral teeth patter, it can work on both light, and thick foliage since does not need high horsepower to work even on larger tasks.

The Size

Do you know the size of this bobcat with forestry cutter also enhances its performance? Well, now you know. The machine comes in a compact size that allows for any form of movement while working. The small size also allows the mulching machine to clear every tree or select specific areas. All you need is to lower the bobcat mulcher head onto the tree and its fast cutting teeth will rip it to shreds.


One other that thing you will love about bobcat forestry is the number of tasks that it can handle. The primary role is obviously clearing trees and brush for site preparation, vineyard maintenance, road right-of-way maintenance, utility line maintenance or just for disaster mitigation. But you can also use it for cleaning lots, cutting firebreaks and maintaining the property. These are numerous functions from a machine. No wonder it is referred to as the beast.  It is also important to mention that the forestry has a very low level of fuel consumption.