Gyro Trac Mulcher: 2 Interesting Technologies Attracting Buyers

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Gyro Trac Mulcher: 2 Interesting Technologies Attracting Buyers


Gyro Trac Mulcher: 2 Interesting Technologies Attracting Buyers

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Gyro Trac Mulcher: 2 Interesting Technologies Attracting Buyers

If you are planning to add a Gyro Trac Mulcher into your collection of land clearing machines, it is a great idea. The recent releases by the company are one of a kind beast. They are extremely powerful, and their output is impressive. What is exciting is the level of technologies the machines come with. So with the vast range of Gyro Trac mulcher for sale, what features would you be looking for? In this article, we’re going to look at some of the latest Gyro Trac technologies taking the market by storm.

Sabre-Tooth technology

Sabre-Tooth technology is the primary reasons many people are buying Gyro mulchers. It is the newest technology the company has unveiled to replace the famous “planar” tooth. The technique will be a game changer in the mulching industry. One of the exciting things about this technology is the many benefits that it comes. First, its less weight feature is attracting many buyers. With this feature, the weight or bulkiness of the mulcher significantly is reduced. Second, it uses less energy to mulch any size of tree or vegetation. The less weight feature can back this fact. That means even a small carrier can still deliver excellent results.

Sabre-Tooth technology also helps the operator to save on the fuel. The ‘less weight’ feature means light load thus less fuel. The mulching effect at the place of work is just incredible. It leaves a “park-like effect” making the site look beautiful. Any Gyro Trac mulcher for sale that is designed from this technology can produce fine mulch that is rapidly biodegradable. So if you are mulching to improve soil fertility, Gyro Trac mulcher would be the perfect machine. It will also cost you less to achieve that.

Nexus Touch Command and Control

Technology is advancing rather quickly, and Gyro Trac manufacturers are catching up fast. Their latest release features new technology that is changing the mulching industry. Nexus touch command and control feature is an improvement over the remote control. This is an application that provides real-time cloud connectivity. The app hosts on the touchscreen of an iPad, and it connects the operator to the Gyro-Trac machine. With the technology, you can operate the device while at a distance.

The working mechanism is straightforward. All you need is to connect to the cloud through Wi-Fi, and you are good to go. All the Gyro Trac mulcher for sale comes with an IP or internet address making it easy to locate them.

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