About Fecon mulcher and Fecon mower

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About Fecon mulcher and Fecon mower

About Fecon mulcher and Fecon mower

Fecon mulcher.

A Fecon mulcher is the best machine you can use to clear vegetation. A fecon mower uses a rotary drum that is equipped with steel chippers or steel teeth. A Fecon mulcher uses these steel teeth to shred the vegetation. Fecon mulchers can clear up to fifteen acres of vegetation in a day. Land terrain, type of material and density affect how long a Fecon mulcher can take to clear land. If a Fecon mulcher is clearing a flat land that does not hard and large vegetation, it will take little time to clear.

A Fecon mower is designed with a split ring roter that has cubit teeth which are reversible. The reversible teeth will allow quick mulching of up to 4-inch materials, it also has the capability to intermittently mulch materials to 6 inches.

A Fecon mulcher can be used to clear vegetation for power line and pipelines. A Fecon mulcher can be used to prevent and control wildfires. A fecon mulcher can be used cut reactive lines on active fires.

Fecon mulcher parts

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Fecon mower

A Fecon mower is a machine that utilises one or more blades that are revolving to cut mostly grass to an even height. You can use a Fecon mower to fix the height of grass to be cut.Fecon mowers come in two sizes, the small mowers and the large mowers.

There are two styles of blades used in Fecon mowers, the single blade mower which uses a single blade to rotate on a vertical axis commonly known as the rotary mower. A multiblade mower uses more than one blade and rotates in a horizontal axis. They are often referred to as the reel mowers or the rotary mowers.

Small mowers

Small mowers require a human to walk behind it guiding it moves over the surface. These small mowers use an electric motor or a combustion engine to power them. They are suitable for small home fields.

Large mowers.

Fecon mowers have rotors which are mounted independently so that they can travel on their own plane. This helps to ensure that there is even cut. Fecon large mowers are either self-propelled or use a rider to operate them. This mower is used in large fields such a football field and golf course.

Some of the large mowers from Fecon are the Votex range and the Amazon.

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