About FAE mulchers: all you need to know

forestry mulcher

About FAE mulchers: all you need to know

About FAE mulchers: all you need to know

Want to clear your land or other severe field jobs? FAE Mulchers are the ensured category of field tools that may make your this want turn possible and convenient at the same time. But the question arises, what is FAE? FAE is an abbreviation that stands for Field Application Engineering. In simple language, all the technical support, given by a company in field associated tasks to their customers. These include equipment’s like FAE mulcher, shredder, tiller, stone crusher, soil stabilizer, etc.

FAE mulchers are very much in use in land practices because of its excellent performance and ensured effectiveness. Generally, these mulchers are used for clearing and maintenance of green, agricultural and forest areas, for deforestation and other recreational purposes.


1.Hydraulic mulching door for finer shredding and safety.

2.Pressure Gauge.


4.Debris deflecting chains for safer operation.

5.Hard Counter blades located in the mulching chamber for maximum productivity.

6.FAE Patented smooth one tooth at the time rotor system. A rear bolt system.

7.An adjustable pushing bar.

In general, the standard equipment includes many other specifications as per the professional requirement of the mulcher. For an example, a professional forest mulcher includes PTO shaft, gearbox with a freewheel, gearbox with oil cooling system, transmission belt in Poly-Chain Carbon, hydraulic hood, forged and hardened interchangeable counter blades, inner anti-wear clad plates FCP, adjustable skids, centralized greasing hub, hydraulic clutch transmission, etc.


The mulcher heads are of great significance as these decide the great versatility and the multifunctionality of the FAE mulcher. Innovation lies in the design and the technology used for these mulcher heads. The PTO driven heads are used for the various ago based powerful tractors. The hydraulic driven heads, on the other hand, are preferred for the skid steers, excavators, and special vehicles. Easily hitched to the tractor, they are outstanding at shredding and chopping processes.


The properties of FAE mulcher teeth are also greatly decided by its application. For example, Forestry tilling and soil stabilization equips the type of cutter teeth which are made up of highest grade tungsten carbide/ cobalt cutting tip. The material used in its body composition is a high strength alloy steel casting. These can be of various types like types with two bolt parts, right side scrapper, reversible planar knife, etc.


Other attachments may include bolts and washer kit, mulcher teeth anvil holder, mulcher teeth swing hammer, a rotor which can be of fixed teeth type or swinging hammers type.

Available in the online market, mulchers are proving to be of great use when it comes to FAE machinery. Making the toughest of field jobs easily possible, FAE mulchers are paving their way in discovering the new world of field related machinery.

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