About Vermeer Stump Grinder

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About Vermeer Stump Grinder

About Vermeer Stump Grinder

In order to fully understand what a Vermeer stump grinder is, it is imperative that we begin by splitting the phrase and then have a look at each term independently. A stump grinder, also known as a stump cutter or stump chopper in some regions, refers to a power tool or equipment attachment that is specially designed to help with the removal of tree stumps. On the other hand, Vermeer or Vermeer Corporation is a brand name that refers to a company based in the US that focuses on the manufacture of industrial and agricultural equipment.

Therefore, based on the two definitions above, a Vermeer stump grinder, therefore, is a tool or equipment attachment manufactured by the Vermeer Corporation and used to remove tree stumps. So that we understand better how this equipment works, we shall discuss it in details without much reference to the company name.

What Are the Parts and How Does It Work?

There are different Vermeer stump grinder parts depending on whether you choose to view the device as a simple tool or an attachment. However, the most commonly known part of the stump grinder is the disk that is designed with carbide teeth and used for chipping away wood. The disk may also be referred to as a cutter wheel. Aside from the Vermeer stump grinder teeth, the other most significant parts of the stump grinders are the hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic levers. It is these cylinders that also offer the mechanism by which these equipment function.

The hydraulic cylinders make it possible for the operator to maneuver the cutting wheel. The way the machine works is that the hydraulic lever is moved so as to lift the cutting wheel in order to position the wheel just a few inches above the trump that needs to be cut. The wheel is then turned on so as to make it rotate. It is lowered into the stump just a few inches and then moved back and forth by means of the hydraulic lever. The lateral movement of the wheel and the teeth through the wood is what causes the chewing effect. Once the area has been completely ground away, the wheel is lifted and the machine moved forward and then lowered to grind another swath of the tree trunk. The steps are to be repeated until the entire tree trunk is completely chewed up.

Safety Precautions When Using Vermeer Stump Grinders

Whether your stump grinder is as small as the size of a lawn mower or as huge as the size of a truck, it is important to take certain precautionary measures to ensure you do not harm yourself in the course of cutting down your tree trunk. As a general rule, ensure you have the right-hand gloves, an overall and eye goggles so as to protect your body from the high-speed wood chips from hitting your eyes.

Above all, insist on hiring a qualified landscaper to assist with the tree stump chopping instead of taking up the task on your own. This will not only shield you from any possible dangers involving the use of these equipment but will also make the work easier as professionals are likely to do the job twice as well in half the time.

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