Understand in A Case Trencher

case trencher

Understand in A Case Trencher

A trencher, as the name suggests, refers to a piece of construction equipment that is used in digging of trenches for various purposes. These trenches could be used for laying of water pipes or electrical cables or for the installation of drainage.

During times of war, the trenchers come in handy as they are used to dig trenches that would serve as strategic hideouts from the enemies. A case trencher is a trencher that is manufactured by the Case Corporation, a leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment.

Parts and Types of a Trencher

There are various case trencher parts and the number of such parts in a case trencher equipment is determined by the size of the trencher. The most important part is of course the wheel that actually does the trenching. Lately, the wheel has been somewhat rendered less significant with the introduction of the chains that are considered more efficient especially when it comes to trenching rough and rocky terrain. There are also the hydraulic pumps that work hand in hand with the engine to power the wheels, as well as an elaborate system of spacers and ejectors.

Apart from the basic Case Davis trencher parts explained above, there could be other parts depending on the structural design and the size of the trencher. It is therefore important to mention that Case trenchers are manufactured in various sizes to suit different user needs. There are the walk-behind versions that are considered some of the easiest and simplest designs ever. There are also those that come as attachments for tractors and skid steers. In some cases, the trenchers are manufactured as part of heavy machinery, especially when they are to be used for industrial-scale trenching.

When it comes to the models, there are quite a few options as well. There are the wheel or the chain trenchers, the tractor-mount trenches, the micro-trenchers that are more preferred in less extensive trenching and the portable trenchers that are common in most landscaping work and small construction projects. Being the industry leader that they are, case trenchers come in various designs such as the case 360 trencher, the case 660 trencher etc, which each designed with specifications that suit certain trenching needs.

Using the Trencher

While the trenchers that come as part of tractor mounts require more skilled know-how to operate, the simple, smaller versions are far easier to use. You will begin by turning the fuel switch on before turning the key switch and lowering the throttle just a little bit. Before you start trenching, the transmission should be set in neutral and the hydraulic pumps should be off.

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