production and manufacturing cup cutter, carbide trencher teeth, shark teeth, pocket and trencher chain suitable for trenching equipment of Ditch Witch, Case, Astec, Vermeer, Bobcat, Davis, Lowe, Barreto, and many other brands.

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Trencher Teeth and Trencher Wear Parts

Trencher Teeth and Trencher Wear Parts

Full-Range of Trencher Teeth

Trencher teeth are essential wear parts of trenching equipment. As a critical part, It must be designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh conditions of trenching.

At JYF Machinery,we offer a range of high-quality trencher teeth designed to handle different soil conditions and trenching applications. Whether you need trencher teeth for your walk-behind trencher, tractor-mounted trencher, or rock trencher, we have the right products to suit your needs.

JYF Machinery manufactures wear-resistant and related accessories for all types of trenching equipment. We have cup cutter, carbide trencher teeth, shark teeth, pocket, trencher chain, etc., suitable for trenchers of Ditch Witch, Case, Astec, Vermeer, Bobcat, Davis, Lowe, Barreto, and many other brands.

Cup Cutter Teeth

The unique cup-shaped design of the cup cutter teeth helps to penetrate tough surfaces easily. So the cup cutter is usually used in applications such as utility trenching, pipeline installation, and road construction, where hard, rocky soils are often encountered.


Wheel trencher:

 This trencher has a metal wheel with teeth usually used on hard or soft soils. The wheel trencher works best in areas with many rock formations. These trenchers, also called rock wheels, can cut the road surface and open channels under the road for utility companies. They have six to eight cutting elements around the wheel, and this design allows the wheel to cut at different depths. The shims and ejectors move the excavated material away from the edge of the trench.

Chain trencher:

This type of trencher has a design similar to a chain saw. It uses digging belts or chains to cut the ground. Its belt wraps around a metal frame also called a boom, and you can easily adjust it to control the cutting depth. Its bucket excavator helps cut hard ground. Because of its flexibility, the chain trencher can cut narrow and deep trenches for utility companies.

Trencher teeth and trenching chains are the most critical wear-resistant parts of trenchers. It’s proven that the wear resistance of trencher teeth is related to economic benefits for users. It is crucial to select high-quality trencher teeth and chains for your trenchers.Therefore, you spend less on trencher parts for parts that offer high wear resistance.

Trencher Cup Teeth
Trencher Parts
Trencher Chain and Trencher Digger Machine
Trencher Chain and Trencher Digger Machine

Wheel trencher vs Chain trencher: Which application is each suitable for?

Wheel trenchers and chain trenchers are two common types of earth excavation equipment.

Due to its high-speed rotating cone, the wheel trencher digs faster and is able to complete a large amount of excavation in a shorter period of time. It is suitable for shallow excavation depths and smaller earth excavation projects.

While chain trenchers has high flexibility and adjustability, and can adapt to different types and depths of earthwork excavation. Therefore it is suitable for deep excavations and large earth excavation projects such as road and pipeline construction.

The choice between a wheel trencher or a chain trencher depends on the depth and size of the earth excavation. For shallower and smaller excavations, wheel trenchers are more suitable, while for deeper and larger excavations, chain trenchers are more suitable.

At JYF MACHINERY, we provide high-quality trencher teeth to the market. We use the highest quality cemented carbide and alloy steel to make trencher teeth and trencher parts. Whether it is for tree roots like earth and clay conditions or rocky hard shale, asphalt, or frozen ground, JYF Machinery can always find the best cost-effective product selection. In addition, we are proud to provide our customers with trencher teeth and wear parts compatible with multiple of trencher brands such as Ditch Witch, Case, Astec etc.

As a customer-oriented company, all our products are designed to improve user experience. So if you have any need to purchase or improve the quality of your trenching teeth and trenching accessories, please contact us.