An Introduction to Lowe Trencher

lowe trencher

An Introduction to Lowe Trencher

Trencher is a machinery used to dig out narrow ditch for installing drainage and laying electric cables or pipes. Trencher is used in agriculture, irrigation, and construction where open trenches are required.

Lowe Trencher are chain trencher. It cuts with a digging belt or chain that rotate around metal frame. It looks like a big chainsaw. It can cut through the ground which is too hard. The angle of the boom is adjustable according to the requirement of depth of trench.

While digging a trench the boom is fixed at an angle and chain is rotated with speed and machine creeps slow in a line where trench is required. The excavated material is removed with the help of conveyor belt. Conveyor belt is located on left or on right side.

Lowe trencher have different types of attachments model: – Model 7, C series chain, and X series chain.

by chain size they have 33K and 50K.

XR – series is most durable and advanced trenching attachment available.


Feature of XR series:

: – extra stronger chassis

: -higher quality of hydraulic component

: – simple and easy routing of hose

: -powerful and maintenance free roller bearing in boom

: – anti back flax chain for better digging performance and longer life.

: – hydraulic motors of premium quality

: -they also have feature for manual side shifting


Various models available in XR series: – these models vary in dimensions of trenches they dig

XR-7: – recommended base machine flow is 8-10 GPM. It has ABF chain. It is the smallest trenching attachment. It is ideal for small space where large machinery cannot fir.

XR-14: – 10-20 GPM recommended base machine flow. It has ABF chain and optional cleaner. It has large frame but fastest speed of chain. It is very good for small and medium skid loaders. And best with shorter boom.

XR-21: – 13-25 GPM recommended base machine flow. It has frost and 1/2 rock ABF chain. It has 43% extra digging power and less investment than XR-14, makes it good for some serious buyers.

XR-25: – 16-26 recommended base machine flow. It has ABF chain and optional cleaner. It has approximately 72% extra digging power than that of XR-14. It has great hydraulic and is much productive with many track and skid loaders.

XR-35: – 20-40+ recommended base machine flow, it has optional side shift hydraulic and rock & frost chain. It is the most powerful trenching attachment made by LOWE yet. Simply is considered as high flow attachment.

LOWE Trencher teeth: – these are conical carbide tooth. these are available for online purchase on website, LOWE trencher has welded teeth, and cutting edge is made of carbide.

As you begin trenching, the wheels need to be locked in place and disengaged so as to enable the unit to move around. And when the entire unit is fully on the move, you may now give it some gas and activate the hydraulic-pumps as well as pop the transmission into forward. In order to make the most out of your efforts, be sure to engage the wheel so that they work together. While at it, also try to keep the throttle up and once you have started the chain or the wheel, lower the bar into the earth’s surface to your desired depth.

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