Tips for Choosing the Right Astec Trenchers for Your Need.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Astec Trenchers for Your Need.

Tips for Choosing the Right Astec Trenchers for Your Need.

There are many types of construction types of equipment and one of them is trenchers which are needed if trenches are to be dug at construction or agricultural sites. You can look for such construction equipment from Astec manufacturers which are affordable as well as assure you good quality performance.

Different Kinds of Astec Trenchers

Let us now look at various kinds of this Astec Trencher and their specific functions so that it becomes easier for you to select the most appropriate one based on your requirements.

Chain Trenchers:

In this equipment, the digging chain does the cutting work and is driven near the boom. The benefit you have is that any hard ground can be cut quite easily. Some of the other features are that these can be used to cut both deep and narrow trenches plus the angle of the boom can be controlled by changing the depth of the cut. For work in large construction fields, these are essential, and you can also make use of a conveyor belt to get rid of any excavated material.

Portable Trenchers:

These are used to do any landscape edging and also to install different irrigation lines. If you are a landscaper or lawn curer, then you will surely like to buy one of them. The mechanism used in these for cutting purpose can be chain or blades where the blades are similar to kind of blades which are used in lawn mowers.

Wheel Trenchers:

If there is ground which is hard to cut using a chain variety then the next option are these. These have cutting wheels which assist them in cutting hard and also soft soil. Their wheel diameter is small, and the design makes it easy to control cutting depth. The main feature is that the tools close to the wheel can be utilized for adjusting the cutting width. Another great thing about Astec Wheel Trenchers is that they have ejectors which push out the excavated soil out from trench quite easily.

Astec Micro Trenchers:

These are ideal for use in urban areas with smaller trenches required. The minimum depth which can be achieved is 35mm, and the maximum is 550mm. Controlling them is also quite easy since these can be operated with the help of radio signals. The good thing about them is that excavated material is minimal and least damage is done to the road where work is being performed. You can also use them for cutting solid stone as well as hard grounds, and these are used mostly in road maintenance work.


Finally, we will say that if you are planning to buy construction equipment, then there are many options available for you at Astec Inc and based on your requirements you will have to select which one to purchase. Additionally, the provide Astec Trencher parts at an affordable rate.

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