What is Tub and Horizontal Grinder

tub and horizontal grinder wear parts

What is Tub and Horizontal Grinder

What is Tub and Horizontal Grinder

A tub grinder and a horizontal grinder are machines designed to take wood waste and turn it into something usable. These machines can take the pieces of wood that are not used when the property is being cleared, like the limbs, and turn that wood into boiler fuel, or compost, or many other usable products.

A tub grinder is a gravity fed and it can only handle components that are smaller than the width of the machine. If you have a ten-foot grinder then you can put waste pieces into it that are as long as eight feet.

A horizontal grinder is belt fed so the pieces of wood going into it are fed at an even pace, and the pieces do not have to be shorter than the width of the machine.

Mobark tub grinder

Mobark offered its first tub grinder in 1990 and has since gained a reputation for quality machines.

  • Offers a tub tilt feature that makes the machine maintenance easier to perform
  • Mobark offers many different sizes of grinders
  • Mobark offers different horsepower’s that let you have more control of your equipment

Vermeer tub grinder

  • Designed for high volume land clearing
  • Has a duplex drum cutting system that is patented. This cutting system increases cutting performance while making maintenance easier
  • Vermeer offers a Thrown Object Restraint System they call TORS. This system shortens the distance that objects can be thrown from the machine. It also reduces the number of pieces that are thrown from the machine. This is an excellent safety feature.

Tub and Horizontal Accessories and Special Features that make a Difference in Performance

The integrated grapple is possibly one of the greatest innovations for these devices. The integrated grapple provides higher visibility to the machine operator and allows you to have fewer pieces of support equipment on hand. The grapple almost eliminates the possibility of bridging while you are feeding the machine.

On Board air is not necessary to make the machine work but it is vital for helping keep the machines clean because the onboard air blows out the radiators and the changing inserts. On board, air makes maintenance easier to do.

Consider buying an air ride suspension machine rather than one with manual suspension. The air ride suspension increases the amount of power your device has while allowing you to have a machine with a lighter suspension so it has increased stability when traveling.

Tips on Replacement Parts

You can extend the life of your tub grinder parts and your horizontal grinder parts if you purchase tungsten carbide tips for your wear parts. Tungsten carbide tips are crafted from one of the strongest metal alloys so there will be less chance of your wear parts breaking.

When you choose to use horizontal grinder parts and tub grinder parts that are made of Tungsten then you not only prolong the life of the part you replace, you will prolong the life of the other parts on the machine. By using the stronger carbide parts the stress on all of the moving parts of the machine is reduced because every part is working at full capacity.

Tub grinder teeth that are not carbide tips are less expensive than the tub grinder teeth made of tungsten, but the teeth made of tungsten cost you less because of the last longer.

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