Why Invest in Peterson horizontal grinders

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Why Invest in Peterson horizontal grinders

Why Invest in Peterson horizontal grinders

When it comes to land clearing and solid waste management, having the right machine is crucial. Otherwise, it will be tough to deliver on some tough task such as grinding large tree limbs in terms of diameter. With so many manufacturers out there, it can be a little bit tricky to choose. If you are looking for grinding machine, in this case, horizontal grinding, Peterson Pacific Corp are providing the best grinding machines. Peterson horizontal grinders are beasts when to comes to chipping off any wood material into small particles. There are a few things that make Peterson horizontal grinders popular. Here are some of the few things that makes Peterson horizontal grinders stand out:


Peterson horizontal grinders are beasts when it comes to chipping wood material. It doesn’t matter the size of the load as long you have the right machine for the job. But the company has produced grinders with different capacities to cater for different uses. For instance, if you are looking to grinding huge logs or for large industrial production, then you would probably go for the 6710D Horizontal Grinder. It is one of the largest grinders with massive output. But this does not mean that the smaller models are lesser in performance. Every machine from the Peterson brand gives the best performance depending on the capacity.

Flexibility and versatility

Peterson grinders are designed with very high versatility and flexibility. These are the kind of solid waste management beasts that can work on any wood material. Whether it is yard waste, brushes, storm debris, or any other form of wood waste, Peterson horizontal grinders can handle everything. In addition, Peterson Pacific grinders can produce different sizes of the parts depending on their use. If you need fine particles to be used as boiler fuel, just set the size and the machine will do the rest. If you need very tiny particles that can rapidly decompose into the soil, the grinder will also produce that.

Overall Quality of the Grinder

The manufacturer has invested heavily in these grinders. The machine to provide excellent performance and versatility, the quality of the machine must also be the best.  From the cutting tools to the other parts of the Peterson grinders, the company has used highest grade materials. For instance, the cutting blades in their horizontal grinders are made from tungsten carbide. This form of carbide material produces high resistance to wear and durables tools. The inclusion of large displays for the control panel is another feature that attracts many.

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