What Kind Of Trencher Do You Need?

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What Kind Of Trencher Do You Need?

What Kind Of Trencher Do You Need?

Choosing the kind of trencher is not an easy task as many thinks. You will be surprised that a majority of the people do not have an idea of what to look for in a trenching machine. In most cases, buyers are drawn by the fanciness of the machine and not the capability of the equipment to handle specific tasks. That’s why most buyers end up being disappointed by the trencher few years down the line. For instance, if you are shopping for a Case Davis trenching machine, what kind of trencher would you go for? Here are key factors that can help you get you that:

Trench Length and Depth

This is one of the key factors that can help you to decide the kind of machine to go for.  What are the length and the depth of the trench? This is a very important since it will help determine the right machine for the job. It is also important to note that the comfort of the operator is a factor to consider. If you are digging trenches shorter than 100 feet, a medium machine or walk-behind trenching machine is a great choice. Such machine will also provide the operator with absolute comfort since minimal time is spent standing and control the machine. The trench is longer than 100, a ride-on trencher will a perfect choice to handle the task.

Nature of the Surrounding

How is the nature of the job site? In some cases, you might be working on a very a very compact area where movement of the trencher is limited. That the kind of situation that requires a specific kind trencher to handle the job. If you are renting out a trencher, the best option is a walk-behind trenching machine. This type of trencher can move with a lot of ease in a compact job site. It’s also cost-effective and thus it will pretty much in the cost of operation. But if it is a spacious job site, a ride-on trencher is a great choice.

Ground Conditions

Whichever the kind of the machine that you are using, the type of surface affects how the equipment performs. It will also determine the frequency of repairs and the overall lifespan of the machine. If the ground is hard or heavy tree roots, a powerful trencher is recommended. If your brand of choice is Case Davis trencher, then get one with a higher horsepower rating. If you pick the small rated trenchers for hard surfaces, you will have a problem with regular replacements of worn out parts.