Loftness Carbide Cutter G4 Features


Loftness Carbide Cutter G4 Features

Loftness Carbide Cutter G4 Features

When it comes to vegetation management, Loftness is the manufacturer to go to. The company has some of the high-quality land clearing machines on the market. One of the areas that the company excels most is the manufacturing of the mulching heads. So far, it has some mulcher attachments that buyers can choose from. Loftness Carbide Cutter G4 is one of the popular head attachments from the company. But what makes it a preferred choice for many? We are going to look at some of its key features that it comes with:

High efficiency

The new Loftness Carbide Cutter G4 is best known for its impressive efficiency. This piece of machine is designed with a two-stage cutting chamber feature. With this features, any material that enters the spinning rotor (rotating at 2,000 to 2,400 rpm) is forced through the carbide teeth and the primary shear bars. What makes the mulching head unique is that the setting of the primary shear bars. They can be narrowed or widened depending on the production rate and more so the desired material size. From the shear bars, the material is then passed through the smoothly cutting chamber where it is further processed before being discharged out to the ground. This process is very smooth thus resulting in very high efficiency.

Spiral Teeth Arrangement

Spiral teeth arrangement is one of the major innovations changing the mulching industry. The idea behind this innovation is to have a single-tooth contact at a time. What does this mean? Unlike the previous mulching heads where several teeth would be ripping off a tree at the same time, this arrangement means each tooth come into contact with the tree at all times. The idea behind this innovation is to enable the attachment to mulch the vegetation smoothly.  The mulcher head is not overload, and thus the entire equipment can operate at a better efficiency.


If you are looking for a mulching head that lasts for longer, Loftness Carbide Cutter G4 is an excellent option. The machine is built with highest grade material making it extremely durable. For instance, Loftness mulcher teeth are of carbide material. The material is known for high-quality features such as extreme hardness, high impact resistance, and maximum wear life.  Most of the metallic components are made from premium strength steel thus making that machine extreme durable. For the high wear areas, the company has used abrasion resistance steel to enhance the lifespan of the machine. So this is the kind of machine that will last for longer