Why Choose Pengo Auger Parts

Why Choose Pengo Auger Parts

Why Choose Pengo Auger Parts

When it comes to drilling attachments and other parts, Pengo is a market leader. From auger teeth to auger bits, the company produces a vast collection to choose from. Over the years, Pengo has been built an impeccable reputation worldwide from the quality of their products. The company has also improved their technology to ensure their customers are getting the best. But what makes their products stand out? Well, here are the reasons why most of the reasons that make the Pengo auger parts.

High-Quality Raw Material

Pengo has invested heavily in the quality of raw material. In fact, they produce their products from the highest grade of material. All Pengo auger parts are made from carbide which is considered as one of best materials. But there are numerous types of carbide material though. For the Pengo Company, they use tungsten carbide, one of the best carbide materials in making drilling tools.  Tungsten carbide brings incredible features such as high impact resistance, toughness, and durability. That is why Pengo auger parts excel in extremely demanding conditions such as foundation drilling. Whether it is tungsten auger teeth or auger bits, they offer maximum wear life. That is what makes these parts a good option.

Versatility and flexibility

Pengo auger parts exceptionally flexible when it comes to matters drilling. The company has invested heavily in diversifying their drilling tool production. As of today, the company has a vast range of products for customers to choose from. It does not matter the type soil condition you are working. The company has an extensive collection Pengo auger teeth and bits to select from. For those drilling extremely tough conditions, Pengo auger bits and other types of auger teeth are available for them. Similarly, their drilling tools are also highly flexible in that they can be for different drilling tasks.

Compatibility and Durability

With some many auger brands in the market, most customers would be for compatibility features. Such feature is most important to contractors using large number augers on the sites. In such cases, it is economical to have several teeth and bits compatible with a number of these brands. Although some of the teeth are for Pengo augers, they can use on other auger brands. Pengo auger parts also last for longer but if they are properly used. The use of tungsten carbide in their manufacturing also gives them an edge regarding durability.