What to Look For In Vermeer Stump Grinder Part

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What to Look For In Vermeer Stump Grinder Part

What to Look For In Vermeer Stump Grinder PartSo your Vermeer stump grinder has been giving you problem lately? Well, there are reasons that can explain every problem that you could be experiencing. The most common problem you are likely to come across is the failure of the machine to cut effectively. But what could be the reason? In most cases, the cutting parts are usually the problem. In this article, we are going to look at some of the Vermeer stump grinder parts or any brand of grinder that you should look at whenever you experience such problems.

Stump Grinder Teeth

If you find out that your stump grinder is not cutting effectively, you should start with the teeth. In such cases, it is possible that either the teeth have been broken or too blunt to grind a stump. In some rare cases, a number of teeth could have been lost thus making it difficult for the machine to work efficiently. If that is not the case, then you check if teeth are holding firm on the disk cutter- if not tighten them properly. If the problem is broken teeth, have them replace with a good quality. If it’s blunt teeth, you can have them replaced or sharpened. There are numerous Vermeer stump grinder teeth on the market to choose from for replacement purposes.

Tension belt

Well, this could be a surprise but the fact is that it can also be the reason why the machine is not grinding the stump the way it should. Tension belts are made from rubber and are responsible for the transmission of energy from the motor to cutter wheel. If these belts are used for a long time, they are likely to be saggy. This will definitely result in loss of energy before reaching the cutter disk thus affecting the grinding efficiency of the machine. Have the belts replace with new one or tighten to reduce the loss of energy. Today, you can buy a chain driven set which can transfer 100 percent of the energy.

Cutter Wheel

Cutter wheel or the disk cutter may also the reason why you Vermeer stump grinder. The problem starts with the material the disk is made from. If the disk is made from a poor metallic material, it will be affected by the heat and with time. In most cases, the disk may get awkward shape that affects the efficiency of the machine. You should have it replaced with a better quality disk. Carbide material is the best choice of material for disk cutters.