3 Main stumps Grinder Cutting Parts

3 Main stumps Grinder Cutting Parts

3 Main stumps Grinder Cutting Parts

In order to understand the working mechanism of the stump grinder, it’s imperative that we learn something about the major parts of this machine. What parts of the grinder are essential for the running of this equipment? Well, this is may not be that easy, especially for the newbies. But we can easily dissect it into two different parts- the motor and the cutting parts. These two parts are interdependent in a way that none can work without the other. In this articles, we are not going to look at the cutting parts of the machine. The aim of this article is to educate the user how these parts inter-relate with each other and how one part affects the rest.

Cutting Wheel

This is the most visible part of the cutting part of the machines. It appears more like a spinning wheel with metal attachments on edges of both sides. Cutting is made from a very tough material that makes it extremely resistant to wear. It is also important to note that is the part that holds grinder teeth and that is it is very important for the proper functioning of the machine. They are available in different sizes depending on the size of the equipment. For instance, if you are using Rayco stump grinder, you will find that they have different sizes of stump grinders with each having a different cutting wheel size.

Tension Belts

For the cutting wheel to start working on the stump, it requires being rotated at the speed of the motor. That is why tension belts are a crucial part of the cutting sections. The belts connect the motor and the cutting wheel or disc. Most the brands such as Raycon and Carltons stump grinders are made from high-quality rubber that can withstand quite high temperatures as a result friction. They are able to transfer almost all the motor energy to the cutting wheel. Note: tension belts should always be covered to avoid accidents.

Stump Grinder Teeth

This is the actual part of the stump grinder that will do the actual stump grinding work. They are made very sharp so that they can eat into the stump with a lot of ease. As mentioned above, they are installed on the edges of the cutting wheel.  The quality of the teeth is paramount to any stump grinder. That’s why most of them are made from tungsten carbide which is known for its wear and high impact resistance qualities.