Risks of Operating with Faulty auger teeth

Risks of Operating with Faulty auger teeth

Risks of Operating with Faulty auger teeth

If you are operating a drilling machine, it is obvious that you will be needed to carry out repairs and replacements so often. That is meant to help maintain the equipment at the highest efficiency possible. However, the choice of where you should regularly be checking is vital. That is because the rate of wear and tear in the entire equipment differs depending on their exposure to harsh conditions.

Cutter tools or the auger teeth are often the most affected by the wear and abrasion. Unfortunately, some people do not give these parts the attention they deserve. In fact, as long as the machine is working, they have no problem. But in an ideal situation, you should have auger teeth replacement when necessary. But due to neglect, the impact could be huge and negative in just a few months or years down the line. Operating on faulty wear parts can also be very risky to the equipment, operator  and the overall economics surrounding your drilling activities. Here are some of the main risks:

High rate of Equipment wear down

The rate of wear is directly or indirectly related to the condition of wear parts. In fact, the condition at which you maintain your wear parts can greatly determine how long you are likely to enjoy the services of your drilling machine. For instance, if the condition of the teeth or the cutter tools is terrible, then you will definitely have a problem with the efficiency of the entire equipment. Poor quality cutting tools and wear parts in general parts will lower you the efficiency of you drilling equipment. The result will be increased wear down and depreciation of the entire machine. That simply means you will fail to get value for money from your investment.

High running costs and repair

When the condition of the auger teeth is bad, it also affects the rest of the machine’s wear parts. Due to the high pressure they are exposed to trying to compensate for the teeth, their rate of wear down is greatly increased. The result will be high costs of maintenance and by extension, an increased cost of operations. What this does is hiking the cost of running the operations and more so eating into the profits or your pocket. In such cases, getting the right auger teeth replacement would break the cycle of loss and cut on the cost of operation.

There are numerous risks that operators run into when they fail to make auger teeth replacements when necessary. It is also important to mention that, the life the operator is also endangered while operating faulty drilling equipment.

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