How to tell when Quadco Mulcher Teeth is the Problem

Quadco Mulcer teeth

How to tell when Quadco Mulcher Teeth is the Problem

When it comes to Quadco mulcher and other brands in the market, the quality of the mulcher teeth is crucial. These are the actual parts of the machine that does the actual cutting work and hence their importance. If the teeth are blunt or faulty, then the machine will definitely have some problem working effectively. Due to their exposure, mulcher teeth are likely to get faulty most of the time. But how can you tell when the teeth are the problem? In this article, we are providing you with tips to help you identify when the problem is teeth.

Increased Resistance

This is should be the first sign that your mulcher teeth are having a problem. If you are an experienced operator, you can easily identify this. Quadco forestry mulchers are very powerful and in an ideal situation, there should be no problem cutting foliage and tree limbs. Unless you are using for a task that is beyond its capacity, the machine should mulch everything with a lot of ease. So if you find that the mulcher with a lot of resistance even while mulching foliage that is considered easy, then you need to check the condition of the teeth. Some could have been broken or too blunt to cut.

Wear lines

Wear lines are one of the easiest ways to tell that your Quadco forestry attachment may need teeth replacement. These lines start forming as the teeth start to wear out and at this stage, the machine might become less effective in mulching. These lines are usually caused by mulching in rocky or hard surfaces. It could also have been a fault of the manufacturer or low quality of the tooth. Also, at this stage, the teeth are likely to break if you continue working on hard surfaces.  The only solution to this problem is an outright replacement of the faulty.


Bluntness is another indication that you Quadco teeth need replacement. In most cases, you will find that teeth tips are made from carbide material. After some time, the carbide will be worn out leaving the teeth too blunt to cut anything. You can easily tell when the teeth are blunt by just looking at the tip of the teeth. If the carbide material is worn out, then you should consider having the teeth tip replaces and if the condition of the teeth is not that good, a replacement would be the best solution.

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