The Key FAE stone crusher Features (STCH – STCH/HD)

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The Key FAE stone crusher Features (STCH – STCH/HD)

The Key FAE stone crusher Features (STCH – STCH/HD)

If you are a farmer and you feel that your soil is too rocky to support agricultural activities; then you need a stone crusher do the work. Although sometimes they are confused with mulchers, stone crushers are made to crush stones into smaller particles to improve texture and the quality of the soil. FAE is among the companies that are supplying these pieces of equipment to the market.  FAE stone crusher is one of the popular and for many reasons. Among the most popular models is the STCH – STCH/HD. In this article, we are going to look at key features that make STCH – STCH/HD stone crushers popular. Check out these key features:

Extremely Tough Applications

Stone crushing is one of the tough tasks in the agricultural sector.  Stones are extremely tough to break, and it requires a power stone crusher that can work on various types of stone sizes. That is what STCH – STCH/HD is offering.  The stone crusher is best for its ability to crush even the roughest rocks into small particles that can support agriculture. It is fitted with powerful FAE teeth and Heavy Duty rotor system that can withstand the most demanding condition. So if you feel that the kind of rocks on your land needs a powerful crusher, then you have the perfect choice in STCH – STCH/HD.

High-Quality Wear Parts

Quality of the STCH – STCH/HD is one of the reasons why it is increasingly becoming popular with farmers. One of the wear parts in this machine is the knives, which are the main cutting parts. The stone crusher is designed with two sets of blades which are constructed from highest grade material that can withstand the toughest stones. The first set of blades is the flat pressed welded steel counter-blades which are made from high-quality steel and steel alloys. The adjustable Hardox counter-blade is the second set of blades that crush the rocks into the needed sizes. Other parts including the rotor are constructed from high-quality materials.

Extended Lifespan

Stone crushers are extremely expensive, and this includes the STCH – STCH/HD. You will need to invest a lot of money, and thus value for money is the best that you can get. For these stone crushers, you will get the best that you would want to get from a stone crusher. These pieces of machines are made from high-quality materials with extreme wear resistance and abrasion. That’s how FAE has been able to produce extremely durable stone crushers (STCH – STCH/HD). So value for money is guaranteed.

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