Tips for Extending the Useful life of Milling Teeth

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Tips for Extending the Useful life of Milling Teeth

Tips for Extending the Useful life of Milling Teeth

Road milling is undoubtedly one of the toughest jobs in the construction industry. Although the type of surfaces matters, there is nothing like soft milling- everything about road milling is hard. If you ask most of the contractors, a big chunk of the budget goes to the maintenance of the drilling machines. It could be anything from replacements or refurbishing the already worn out parts. Road milling teeth are some of the most affected parts of any road milling machine(click here to know more about it). But do you know that you reduce your maintenance cost by extending the useful life of your milling machine? Well, this is true. Here are ways that you can extend you milling teeth lifespan:

Get High-Quality Teeth

For your teeth to serve you for longer without the need for frequent replacement or repair, then go for quality teeth. But with so many brands of the market, it can be a little bit tricky to get quality teeth, especially for the newbies. The quality of asphalt milling machine teeth should be checked from the type of material used in manufacturing them. There are numerous types of materials for manufacturing, but Tungsten Carbide is the most recommended material. The material offers excellent qualities such as extreme hardness, high wear resistance, and high resistance to impact. With these features, your milling teeth will work efficiently on extreme demanding conditions and at the same time last for longer.

Select Milling Tasks Carefully

One of the primary reasons why most contractors are struggling with the high cost of repairs and replacements is misuse of milling machines. How well do you use your machine? In some cases, road milling teeth are exposed to very harsh condition thus accelerating the rate of wear and tear. So, you need to ensure that you have selected the right job for the machine. If the milling teeth is best designed for asphalt surfaces, then don’t take to concrete floors since you will reduce their useful life.

Proper Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for any machine. For the asphalt milling teeth or any other type of milling machine, it is important to have the cutting parts maintained adequately.  For instance, if you regularly maintain the equipment, you will be able to identify faults early and make necessary changes to improve. So make sure that you have done proper maintenance regularly.

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