Types TMC Cancela Mulchers


Types TMC Cancela Mulchers

Types TMC Cancela Mulchers

When it comes to land clearing machines, TMC Cancela tops among the best producers. The company has extensive expertise and knowledge in designing and manufacturing mulching equipment. Over the years, TMC Cancela has invested in producing mulchers that can withstand the most demanding conditions. Priding itself as the “Mulching Solution,” TMC Cancela has embarked on producing forestry mulchers that wholly address customer’s needs. To achieve this, the company has embarked on producing vast range of mulcher models for different circumstances.

First, TMC Cancela has specialized in producing two mulcher models- PTO and hydraulic driven mulchers.  Both models can either be used for agricultural and construction purposes. Here are the different types of mulchers models that you can find at TMC Cancela stores:

TMC Cancela Mowers

These are types of mulchers used for mowing soft vegetation. They are mostly used mulching grass and weeds in home compounds, golf courses or firms. They are very popular in the agricultural sector, especially when dealing with weak vegetation. TMC Cancela provides mowers in different sizes so as to address different needs. If you need a lawnmower, they have a vast collection to select from.

TMC Cancela Stone mulchers

When it comes to mulching rocky or stony areas, and you need to reduce the size of stones, then you will need a special mulcher. TMC Cancela has designed a special type of mulcher that breaking down rocks into smaller particles. The machines are agricultural purposes and most of the rocky or stones lands. These mulchers are so powerful that they can reduce stones to very small gravels that can support farming.

TMC Cancela Forestry Mulchers

These are the most common types mulcher produced by the company. As the name suggests, forestry mulchers are widely used in clearing forest vegetation. There are different types of forest mulching, and so is the type mulching machines. So the company produces different types mulchers depending on the mulching task, if you need a brush mulcher or think foliage mulcher, TMC Cancela has all that for you.

PTO and Hydraulic Driven Machines

The company produces both PTO and hydraulic mulchers. Although most of the above mulchers are PTO driven, some of the forestry mulchers are hydraulic driven. Both types of machines are extremely powerful but hydraulic is a little bit unique and more flexible. Note that hydraulic models use excavator the carriers. That can mulch massive trees from the top all the way down. They can also be used on sloppy lands something that’s not possible with PTO mulchers.

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