Tips to Enhance Your DENIS CIMAF Teeth Performance

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Tips to Enhance Your DENIS CIMAF Teeth Performance

The performance of your DENIS CIMAF teeth is critical for your machine’s productivity. But the issue of performance is a little bit tricky, especially when it comes to maintaining or enhancing it. Once you buy a brush cutter or mulching machine, it will work very well initially (depending on how you are using it). But with time, you will start noticing a reduction in terms of performance and productivity of the machine. But how do you ensure that the performance of the equipment is maintained? Well, there are numerous ways that you continually enhance the performance of your machine. Here are some of the most useful tips for enhancing the performance of your DENIS CIMAF teeth:

Start with Quality Teeth

When it comes to the performance of DENIS CIMAF teeth, the most critical thing is getting it right when it comes to quality teeth. Whether you are going for OEM, Non-OEM or aftermarket teeth, you must start with buying the right quality teeth. If the quality of teeth is inferior, any attempt to improve the performance of teeth will not bear any fruit. However, the quality should be in the material used in their construction. Tungsten carbide tipped teeth is the most recommended. Note that tungsten is also easy to maintain and repair when it comes to improving its performance.

Regular Cleaning of the Shank

One of the reasons why your mulcher teeth could be recording poor performance is due to the dirt accumulation at the tip. Some wood materials have gum and greasy content that attaches itself to the cutting tip of the teeth. That material accumulates at the tip and together with the dust particles thus making it difficult to cut effectively. If that accumulation is not dealt with, the performance of the machine will definitely start going down. Rectifying this problem is very easy since all you need is to clean off the layer. That is something that you can by yourself.

Regular Sharpening

Just like the rest of teeth, DENIS CIMAF teeth are prone to wear and abrasion depending on the condition that they are exposed to. With time, the shank will start wearing off, and that will make it definitely affect the performance of the machine. That is why it is critical to ensure that your machine teeth are regularly sharpened to maintain the performance of the equipment. Hire a professional technician to do the sharpening if you are not skilled.

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