Reasons Why Auger teeth Wear on One side

Reasons Why Auger teeth Wear on One side

Teeth wear is a common thing just like the rest of the wear parts. But there are some types of wear that are extremely destructive to the teeth and could be avoided if proper measures are taken. If the auger teeth are wearing on one side, then you are dealing with a huge problem. It is one of the teeth destructions that will reduce the performance of the drilling machine significantly. It can also lead to the breakage of the teeth if not identified early. In this article, we are going to look at some of the major causes of this type of wear. Check the following:

Tooth not Rotating

If you find out that your auger machine teeth are wearing on one side, then you need to check how the attachment is working. In an ideal condition, the auger should be rotating in a way that it that all teeth are working the same and the workload is the same. But if there is a problem with the rotation of the teeth, then some would be exposed more than the others. Then due to the improper rotation, you will find that only one side of the tooth is cutting and thus the wear on that side. To avoid that you must ensure that the auger attachment is working effectively and no teeth are being exposed more than the other.

Misaligned Block

Blocks or teeth holders play a significant role in the performance of the machine. While using an auger attachment, it is important to check their alignment if you are experiencing one-sided wear. Misalignment is a line of the major causes of one-sided wear due to the used on just one side of the teeth to drill.

Worn Block

What is the condition of your auger attachment blocks? That is one of the critical questions that you must ask yourself of none of the above two are not the reason why your auger teeth are wearing one side only. In most cases, worn blocks are a major cause of this type of wear, Make sure that you have the teeth holders fixed or replaced.

Excess material Build-up

If you are drilling in stick conditions, then you will have a problem with the teeth wearing on one side. This is because stick material will stick on the teeth and the auger making difficult for the teeth to rotate effectively. The best practice in such cases is cleaning off the material regular.

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