Vermeer Wood Chipper: Factors to Consider While Shopping

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Vermeer Wood Chipper: Factors to Consider While Shopping

Vermeer Wood Chipper: Factors to Consider While Shopping

In matters solid waste managed, Vermeer is a common name. The company design and manufactures a vast range wood chippers. Vermeer has earned an international reputation from the quality of wood shredders that they have been releasing. One thing that has kept Vermeer going strong is the quality of the machines and the versatility. Their products are indisputably one of the best the market can offer. Vermeer is very versatile when it comes to production since they have a vast range of wood chipping machines. Their whole lot of production ensures that they have addressed every niche in the wood chipping industry.

But what should you look out for in a Vermeer wood chipper? Well, whether you are looking for brand new or refurbished Vermeer wood shredder, there are a few things that you need to check. Here are some of the factors that you need to put into considerations:

Chipper Knives

One of the critical things that you cannot allow to slip through without checking is the type and the quality of chipper blades. It is possible to be confused by physical fanciness of the machine but interiors parts matters the most. Chipper knives do the actual chipping of the brush and tree limbs. If the blades are of inferior quality, then it will be difficult for the machine to deliver excellent results. So if you are buying a Vermeer 1200 chipper, especially refurbished one, check the condition and the quality of cutting blades. If it is a Vermeer tg7000, check the quality and status of the hammer.


The productivity of a wood chipper machine has nothing to do with physical size. That’s something most of the new buyers fail to understand. If you are to rate the productivity of the machine, then you have to check its actual horsepower. Some models such as Vermeer tg7000 could appear small in size or compact but have an impressive output. So you must confirm the possible out of the machine so as to tell whether it will meet your demand.

Ease of Use

Industrial machines are quickly becoming modernized. The modern machines are easy to operate with the most processes automated. Most of the machines now feature remote control aspects while others can be controlled via smartphone apps. These are features that you need to look for as far as ease of use is concerned.  For instance, Vermeer GT7000 is remotely controlled. These very expensive machines and thus you should ensure that you’ve gotten value for the money spent.

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