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Flat Teeth

At JYF MACHINERY, boasts of being one of reputable manufacturers and suppliers of top-notch Flat teeth. During foundation drilling, soil below groundwater level is usually difficult for open tools to deliver. The coagulation of soil underground makes the ground non-cohesive for the conventional auger. It’s at this stage when drilling buckets become the best option so as to maximize productivity. Our flat teeth fit vast range drilling buckets.  

At JYF MACHINERY, we manufacture and supply quality foundation drilling flat tools. Our drilling tools are made from tungsten carbide for extreme hardness and maximum wear life. We produce flat teeth used on vast range drilling baskets including soil bucket, rock bucket, drilling bucket, cleaning bucket and split bucket amongst others. We produce our flat teeth from high-grade material to ensure that they are serving you for the longest possible time. So whether you need Bauer drilling tools or any other brand, feel free to sample our foundation drilling flat tools.

Drilling below groundwater level is definitely one of the challenging stages of any foundation drilling project. With the soil and water coagulating, it difficult for open tools such as conventional auger to deliver. At this stage, the only drilling tool that can efficiently deliver is the drilling bucket. It’s also important to mention that there are different types of drilling buckets such as soil bucket, rock bucker and split bucket amongst others depending on the nature of the soil. But you need to have the right quality of foundation drilling flat tool to get the best out of your buckets.

Flat teeth are essential components in drilling buckets. They are unique cutting teeth that are used on the drilling buckets. They are made from highest grade materials and exhibit numerous practical features that enable them to deliver excellently in such extremely demanding conditions. Whether it is a soil bucket, cleaning bucket, rock bucket or any other drilling bucket, tungsten carbide teeth are the most recommended. It’s a high-quality material that exhibits exceptional qualities such as hardness and maximum wear life.

Although flat teeth are extremely hard and last for longer compared to standard auger teeth, they are prone to wear and tear too with time. Finding quality teeth replacement for your bucket can be a little confusing, especially for the new buyers. With the flooding of the substandard products in the market, it can be tricky to discern the best quality. However, there are plenty of reputable manufacturers of foundation drilling flat tools in the market. JYF MACHINERY is one of the most reputable companies specializing in foundation drilling flat tools manufacturing.

At JYF MACHINERY, we are manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality flat teeth for all your drilling bucket needs. We are a customer-oriented company with the sole objective of improving customer’s foundation drilling experience with our tools. That’s why we have invested heavily in cutting-edge technology and highest of raw material. We have also diversified our flat teeth production to a vast number of drilling buckets or bucket augers. So if you are using a rock bucket, cleaning bucket or soil drilling bucket, we have all their flat teeth replacement needs.

At JYF, it is our ethos to produce nothing but the best quality wear parts including foundation drilling flat tools. All our foundation drilling tools are made from tungsten carbide (TC) material that’s best known for incredible properties such as excellent welding properties, extended lifespan, wear resistance and high impact resistance amongst others. These features give them exceptional sharpness and maximum wear life.

JYF MACHINERY is one most established companies in China specializing in designing, manufacturing and supplying of flat teeth. We have our own flat teeth factory where customers are welcome to buy our wear parts at wholesale price. Since we are a customer-oriented company, our foundation drilling tools products are relatively cheap but of the best quality. You can choose from the vast range of flat teeth for all you drilling buckets replacement needs. Quality and value for money is a guarantee.