Guide to Choosing Milling Machine Bits

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Guide to Choosing Milling Machine Bits

Guide to Choosing Milling Machine Bits

When it comes to milling machines the quality of milling bits matter a lot. But what should determine the type of bit for the job? Well, the choice of the road milling bits should be determined by the type of job to be done. But this is one of the key factors that most operators took to considerations. However, there are also many features that any operator that should look out for before picking the bit. In this article, we are going to look at some of the key guides that should help you pick the right bit for your asphalt milling machine.

Type of Project18

For a good start, the project should determine the type of bit to pick. The reasoning behind this is the fact that with different surfaces, it is not possible to use the same kind of bits. You need bits for both hard and soft surfaces. It’s also important to note that bits come in different sizes and shapes. That’s why it’s important to have the project dictate the type of milling bit that would work best. If you will be working on a tough surface such as the concrete, then you will need to have the right bits for such projects.

Manufacturing Material

When it comes to road milling machines, the material making the bit is also a critical feature to consider. It goes without saying that you need best the bits when it comes to milling works. Most of the surfaces are extremely tough and especially when it mostly comes to repairs jobs. Due to the tough nature of milling, you need to have the best material in the market. One of the recommended materials for manufacturing bits is the carbide. But there are numerous types of carbide depending on the strength of the bit. For the best results, use the tungsten carbide.

The Size and Shape of Bit

When choosing the bit in terms of size, you need to check the shank diameter vs. cutting diameter. These diameters are crucial while determining the effectiveness of the milling bit. Shank diameter helps in determining the firmness of the bit on the attachment. As a thumb of the rule, you need to have the shank diameter larger compared to cutting diameter so as to concentrate pressure on the surface. It is common sense that a smaller cutting diameter helps to direct maximum forces on the surface. This makes it easy for the machine to work on the task with a lot of ease.

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