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Hacks For Selecting FAE Mulcher


Hacks For Selecting FAE Mulcher


Hacks For Selecting FAE Mulcher

With hundreds of Mulcher brands in the market, only a few of them have been able to gain customers’ confidence. Among the popular and reliable companies to buy from is the FAE. FAE forestry mulchers are best known for their quality, durability and extremely great performance. But you can still have a problem with the same brand if you pick the wrong equipment. So if you are a first-time buyer, how would you select the right machine for your mulching activities? Well, here some of the major hack of selecting the right forestry mulcher.


Before you go anything else, you should start with the capacity of the mulcher. It should be the first thing and if you miss it, then the rest could as well be a flop. The capacity for mulchers is measured in horsepower. Why is the capacity important? Well, how well the machine will mulch depends upon the size of the equipment. But this is solely determined by the kind of task that you will be doing. If you are planning to clear thick foliage and tree limbs, then heavy duty mulcher is recommended. But if the mulchers are just clearing gardens and not that tough foliage, then you can go for medium sizes.

Attachment and Tractor Combination

You must get the attachment tractor relationship right. One of the major problems that most mulcher owner faces especially after the first purchases, is getting the right combination of both attachment and tractor. You need to get the right attachment for the tractor to work efficiently. If the tractor is too small for the attachment, you will have the trencher being over and this will reduce its lifespan greatly. However, if the attachment is too small for the tractor; then, you will be under-utilizing you FAE machine. This simply means that you’ll not be getting value for the money.

Type of Teeth

The type FAE mulcher teeth and other parts is a factor that you must consider seriously. The efficiency with which the mulcher mulches the foliage depends upon the sharpness if the teeth. There are numerous types of teeth in the market but we would recommend carbide ones. Depending on the type of foliage, you can choose from the many types of carbide to choose from. Tungsten carbide is highly recommended if you will be working on tough foliage. We also recommend that other FAE mulcher parts including teeth holders should also be made from a tungsten material.

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