Tips for Selecting PTO Driven Mulcher

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Tips for Selecting PTO Driven Mulcher

Tips for Selecting PTO Driven Mulcher

When it comes to land clearing, few machines offer the versatility, safety, and performance of the PTO (power take-off) driven mulcher. These are special types of mulchers known for their power and incredible mulching ability. With the right teeth and derive, PTO mulchers can mulch thick grass, trees, and brush to about 10 inches in diameter. But selecting the right a PTO driven mulcher can be a little bit tricky. Here are some of the key tips to help you select the right PTO driven mulcher.

  1. Pick the Right Teeth

Picking teeth is dictated by the type of material that you will be mulching. There are two types of teeth that you can choose from; swimming hammer teeth and fixed cutting teeth. But why would you choose either of the two?

For swinging hammer teeth, they are best known for cutting thick foliage or tree limbs. They swing freely on the rotor and makes use of the centrifugal force to produce a powerful cutting action. These teeth come in different forms depending on the brand of the equipment. You can get FAE mulcher teeth, Fecon mulcher teeth or the QUADCO mulcher teeth just to mention a few. Although these teeth are best known for the cutting thick foliage, trees and brush, there are a few shortcomings. For instance, hammers are rotated on a single shaft, and thus you have to remove all hammers even if you need to replace one hammer. This teeth set is a great option for less-experienced operators.

For the fixed cutting teeth, they are the most popular in the market.  They are different from the swinging hammer teeth in that they have no forgiveness feature. That means they always stay at the optimum cutting angle. You will also note that they have no movables parts as it is with the swinging hammer teeth. This makes them very rigid. There are numerous options, but carbide teeth and hardened steel teeth are highly recommended. Fixed cutting teeth are a great option if you are mulching trees and brush between 6 and 10 inches. But you need at least a 105 horsepower tractor size for this type of teeth and task.

  1. Cutting Chamber

Although counter teeth which are welded inside the housing are the most common, there are other options with shear bar. A good example is the tree hammer model amongst others. You can select the cutting chamber that works for you.

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