6 Common Types of Mulchers

6 Common Types of Mulchers

6 Common Types of Mulchers

6 Common Types of Mulchers

A mulcher merely is defined as a piece of garden and yard clearing equipment. But apart from the common small lawn mulchers, there are the high-performance types used for tough tasks such as clearing construction sites, bush and heavy foliage, but they are all classified as mulchers. But how many types of mulchers do you know? Well, this article will be describing some of the main types of mulchers in the market:

• Freestanding Mulchers

These are portable units with a funnel-shaped opening, and most of them are made of plastic. Unlike the rest of mulching equipment, this type of mulchers is fed with leaves and debris where it quickly chops them into small particles. The chopped grass clippings are used as nutritional mulch for the plants. They are very flexible and affordable too.

• Lawn Tractor Mulchers

These are small mulcher attachments popularly used for lawn mowing. They are mostly preferred due to their efficiency in that they can quickly work on a large area within a very short time. They also cut grass clipping into small particles that are used to nourish the plant and vegetation in the garden.

• Commercial Mulchers

These are the most common types of mulches in the construction sites. They are mostly used for tougher tasks in areas such as clearing building sites and most of the construction sites. They are generally very big and built of durable heavy duty steel purposely designed for rugged use. Commercial mulchers are also very powerful regarding horsepower.

• Dual-Purpose

These are types of mulchers that come with a built-in shredder or chipper features. They are preferred by some due to their capability to do multiple jobs at once. As the mulcher cut the grass, the clips are deposited into the shredder where they are cut into small pieces and used as nutritious mulch for the plant.

• Electric Powered Mulchers

These are some of the mulchers made for simple clearing tasks. Electric mulchers are quieter since they run on a motor and do not cause pollution. They are also known to be environmentally friendly. They can only work on a small loan and mostly as far as where power cable can reach.

• Gas powered Mulchers

These are extremely powerful machines that use gasoline as fuel in powering the machine. They are mostly used in clearing heavy foliage, tree limbs, and bushes. They are available in different sizes depending on the condition of the site or land to be cleared. The best brands in the market include FAE mulchers, FECON mulchers, AHWI mulchers and BRADCO mulchers amongst others. They are popular in the agricultural sector.

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