Tub Grinder or Horizontal Grinder

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Tub Grinder or Horizontal Grinder


Tub Grinder or Horizontal Grinder?

The question whether a tub or horizontal grinder is essential to anyone planning to invest in the wood recycling industry. It may appear a simple question but it is difficult, especially for the first time grinder buyers. Well, the difference between the two models may be slight in appearance, but they are a world apart both in operation and output. We are going to discuss the major differences between the two models by answering three key questions.

  1. What type of wood or yard waste material do they process?
  2. How and where the machine will be loaded and operated?
  3. How easy is it to handle repairs and maintenance of the equipment?

Type of Raw material

The question of the kind of wood and waste material that the machine can use is crucial factor to consider.  The length of the material is also a factor to consider while selecting the machine. For instance, tub grinder would take 10’ long particles if the machine is 12’ long at the feed opening. That means if you feed longer materials to the small opening; then this would reduce the rate of producing due to fewer material reaching the hammermill. So tub grinder will only work for the smaller pieces of wood such as sawdust. For the horizontal grinders, the length of the material is not a problem. That’s why it an excellent choice if your raw material is tree limbs amongst others.

Where the machine is placed

The environment you are in should dictate whether it is a tub grinder or horizontal grinder. For instance, if you are living in a populated area, the horizontal grinder is the best option. The grinding mechanism in these models is designed to prevent the material from escaping out of the machine. On the other hand, tub grinders depend on gravity to feed the hammermill at the bottom. Of the material in the tub get low and expose the hammermill, the machine can reject material out of the tub. This makes tub grinder less alternative for populated areas. It is also important to note that tub grinder lasts longer compared to horizontal grinder.

How to handle repair

Although both tub and horizontal grinders are increasingly becoming computerized, most of the mechanical aspects still require physical repair. But which one is less complicated when it comes to repairs? Horizontal grinders are the most complicated due to their complexity of their in-feed system. So if you need a machine that’s easy to maintain and repair, go for tub grinders.

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