How to Improve Your Horizontal or Tub Grinder with Tungsten Carbide Tips

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How to Improve Your Horizontal or Tub Grinder with Tungsten Carbide Tips

How to Improve Your Horizontal or Tub Grinder with Tungsten Carbide Tips

Just like any other equipment, tub or horizontal grinder wear parts are prone to wear and tear. That is why replacing your grinder’s wear parts is highly recommended so as to maintain your equipment’s peak performance.  If you are not using carbide tips for your equipment, then you are wasting your money. The use of carbide tip helps to balance between bite and wear. It also helps in improving the longevity of cutting tools and that of the machine.

So what is carbide?

Tungsten carbide or what’s often referred to as carbide is the most popular among other types of carbide out there. It is a metallic alloy that is three times as hard as steel. Just to give you an idea of how hard the alloy is, its boiling point is over 5000°F. That is why having carbide grinder tips enables the machine to withstand the wear and tear far better than any other metal.  That means that having carbide tip would cut down the cost of repair and replacements significantly.

Why use carbide tips for tub or horizontal grinder?

There are many benefits of using carbide tips for your grinders. First, it provides the best balance of bite and wear that is common with grinder wear parts.  This will then have an impact on the useful life of the wear parts by extending their lifespan and that of the grinder. Another reason why you should consider carbide tips is the fact that your equipment will require fewer replacements since the wear parts will have an extended lifespan. Lastly, it provides the correct hardness of the base forging of the tip or inserts.

Does the model of the grinder matter?

Well, the answer is NO. With the right carbide tip manufacturer, the model of the tub or horizontal grinder is not an issue. Some of the major companies such as the Vermeer, Hogzilla, Morbark, Diamond Z, Vermeer, CBI, Norkot or Olathe manufacture carbide tips direct from their factories. So it does not matter who is the manufacturer of the equipment. You can get grinder tips that will extend the lifespan of your machine significantly.

What’s the best Carbide pattern?

Well, the answer to this question can help maximize the use of the carbide tip for your equipment. There is no dedicated pattern for a certain machine. What’s important is to inspect the used insert or tip and look the part that is worn the most and use that as a pattern. This way, you will be able to provide your machine with the best carbide tip custom made for it.

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